Visible grid records to report


I need to make my own report from this what is visible in grid. I would like to do something like autoraport but with my own (another in autoraport) columns. I now i can change the autoraport columns - but it will not resolve my problem. I want report which will show only this column which is show in grid - i have an idea how to do it.

But how to catch the actual visible records from grid?

To show records i can use the query which is build when I open the form. This work good.

But how to catch the actual visible records from grid when they was filtered? << This my question.

Thx from all advice

In another side - may You know how to catch this string - which user write in find value (shortcut on form) ??

This could resolve my previous problem…

OK. the problem was resolved.

Simple I need to catch QueryRun and send it as parmeter to my raport

If someone looking for - the code :

run = ClassFactory.reportRunClass(new Args(“Test”));




Test it’s my report, qr is QueryRun object = QueryRun from form.