Visible fields on a form

Is there any method to find out the name of the visible fields on a form. I get name of all the fields of the table on which form is based and even the field No. but my requirement is the field visible on the form not all the field names. will appreciate replies Thanks Bobby Srivastava

Hi Bobby Not exactly sure what you are after, but on the form the individual field is flagged as visible yes/no, and of course the show/hide column lists those visible on the form (and those not!). As this is dynamic and linked with to the zup file the flagging is fluid I am unsure of your end requirement. Does this help?

Hi Steven , Thanks for the reply. But my requirment is to get the visible field names on command button’s On push trigger. I think I was not clear on my point earlier Thanks Bobby

Hi Bobby you may want to try posting the question in the developers section, you’ll hopefully get a better response.