Visibility problem with NAV 2013 report

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble with a visibility issue in a NAV 2013 report…

I have two lists based on two independent dataitems: list1 is based on Cust ledger entries and list2 is based on Vend ledger entries…

I have an option field (val) in the request page that takes two values: val1 and val2

If I choose val1, only list1 should be displayed and if I choose val2, only list2 should be displayed…

I declared the varaiable (val) in the first dataitem with the name var1 and in the second dataitem with the name var2

I used the following visibility conditions:

=iif(Fields!var1.value=0,FALSE,TRUE) for list1

=iif(Fields!var2.value=1,FALSE,TRUE) for list2

The probem is that the condition only works for list1: if I choose val1 in the request page, list1 is displayed but if I choose val2, nothing is displayed, I get a blank report…

What’s wrong???What shall I do???


I hope you are using two data sets and you might have two table boxes in your report layout (One for customer list and another one for Vendor list). Instead of using this you can use single table box and change the expression of the text box dynamically. as like below

iif(Fields!PrintCustomerOnly.Value=true,Fields!CustNo.Value,iif(Fields!PrintVendorOnly.Value = true,Fields!VendNo.Value,""))

Jerome Marshal. J