Virtual table FILE on SQL Navision

Do you know why I can’t do this operation on SQL Navision? Using virtual table 2000000022 File. Var FilePath Text 30 Var FolderName Test 30 Var FileRec Record File FileRec.SETRANGE(Path,FilePath); FileRec.SETRANGE(“Is a file”,FALSE); // Only folders FileRec.SETRANGE(Name,FolderName); IF FileRec.FIND(’-’) THEN … On SQL It never finds the folder, and the folder EXISTS!! WHY? Thanks

What is the value of FolderName in your example?

Hye Robert The name of my folder is “Proof” … I don’t understand anything, I continued with it and If I don’t use the sentence FileRec.SETRANGE(“Is a file”,FALSE); The system find the folder, but if I use this filter teh system didn’t find it… aking the zoom of the FileRec table using the Debugger I comprove that the value of the field “Is a file”=FALSE ¿?¿? Thank you for all… but I found another solution easier to find a folder.