Virtual table and Temporary table

I would like to know what is different between virtal and temporary table?

Hi!! A temporary table can be regarded as a temporary variable that is used to hold a table. The advantage of using a temporary table is that all interaction with a temporary table takes place on the client. This reduces the load both on the network and on the server. Virtual tabls are nthing but read only tables working same as normal table.This tables are computed at run-time only. Integer,Field are some of virtual tables in navision.

Hello Do you have any example coding of temportary table?It’s will be good for me to see the example. Nan

I got uer point do as follow… first create 2 Record variables say I1:=table-item(go to properties of this variable asd set temporary property to YES) I2:=table-item write down foll. code in push of button I2.setfilter(“no.”,’%1…%2’,‘10000’,‘10000’); I2.find(’-’); repeat I1:=I2; I1.insert; until; message(’%1’,I1.“no.”); Temporary table when u define has the same structure as that of original database table,but its empty. so it can be usd as temporary workspace for manipulation and then record can be put into original database table,by coping it to not-temporary record variable(I2 here). Hope this will make it clear Smile, Rajesh

Thank you now I understand it.[8D]