Virtual Key codes catching problem Dynamics AX 2009

Hi all,

I’m trying to catch keycode from the numeric pad, it works for most keys i’ve tried, the problem is : I need keycode of multiply key on numeric pad, i found the following values :VK_MULTIPLY, decimal value = 106, hex value = 6A but it doesnt’t work. I added the following code to the task macro:

#define.taskMultiply(106); or #define.taskMultiply(6A);

==> doesn’t work

all keys of numeric pad are working except the sign keys: + - * /

any ideas?



You should use another approach - place a breakpoint to task() and look at _taskId value.

You’ll find that “*” (for example) don’t activate task() method at all, so you can’t handle it there. Sorry.

Thank you for your help, as you said, i’ll try another approach