Virtual drive

Hello. Navision is not able to read from a virtual drive. It can find the file, but cannot read it. Why is that, and how can I solve it? With regards. Anolis Sittard Netherlands

What do you mean a virtual drive if you mean a samba share from linux then see if not what do yo mean by a virtual drive Paul Baxter

It’s a virtual drive created on ASUS 400. Anolis Sittard Netherlands

Oh solaris then you are useing samba. There is a problem of navision changing the permissions of the file when it opens it you need to put “force security mode = 700” in your smb.conf file and restart samba and every thing will work. Paul Baxter Edited by - triff on 2002 Feb 14 11:49:55

Thanks! I will try this next tuesday, and I’ll let you know if this worked. Anolis Sittard Netherlands