Virtual company errors

We recently turned on a virtual company (V1) that we are using to share our customers and vendors across all legal entities. When we try to step through purchase order creation, receiving, and invoicing , we are getting an error at the time of invoice posting that says:

Stack Trace: The company v1 does not exist.

Does anyone know where this could be stemming from? Our virtual company, V1, does exist. When I create a new vendor or customer, they are automatically added to our other 15 companies. Plus, these new vendors and customers inherit the V1 DataAreaID. Another area where the same stack trace error message pops up is when we create new sales agreements. Most likely, there are numerous areas in AX where we will run into problems regarding the virtual company, but we don’t know where else yet. These two scenarios were the first instances that we noticed. Can anyone provide any insight for setting up our virtual company properly, as to avoid these stack trace errors about it not existing?

Adam Mulloy

We needed to install a hotfix from customer source: KBID: 2659670 Type: SYP Problem: Stack trace error when you attempt to invoice update a PO in virtual company This hotfix was released in December, 2011.

Hi Adam,

We are also using virtual company and AX 2012 R2. However, the error that we encounter is in item details where all items appear in List Page but when you open the Details, it is either blank or it will direct us to other items.

Have you encountered it also? Are you still using virtual company?