Viewing the date in different languages..


We’re using Navision 4.0 (SP2) via Citrix.

The problem is that we have different countrys using this solution, and the way the date is shown is different for some countries.

The date is shown in Danish ( - 25.10.06) but I would like to know if it’s possible to show the date in Swedish ( - 06.10.25) if people from Sweden use Navision??

I have installed the language pack for Sweden, but the date is still shown i Danish…

Any suggestions?



Hi Kenneth

Navision is using the date format setup under Regional Setting in the Windows Control Panel. I don’t know if is possible to set the users Regional Settings when you use Citrix but I would investigate if this can be done if I was you as this potential could solve your issue.



Hi Kenneth

As Clause has said Navision uses the regonal setting to display the dates, the regonal setting are defined on a per user basis. So you should be able to set your users to regions and the formating of dates and numbers should be correct for that user.

Paul Baxter

I am using Citrix and you should just publish regional settings on the citrix server (just like you publish navision) and then every user can setup regional settings as they like in navision