Viewing .PDF in Attain ???

Hi! Anyone that knows if there is an add-on to Attain for dealing with pdf-files ??? Iäm about to scan big quantities of documents for reading inside Navision Attain. / Martin

We have several LaserNet installations, where the users within attain choose a “LaserNet added” Print preview function (normal toolbar), the job, goes through LaserNet, data is being set up and converted, and goes back to the user in pdf. - 100% automatically. For further information please look at

Thanks. I’m impressed by the speed of Your answer. /Martin

You can also just keep the files into BLOB field, keeping the document file name into a text variable and when the user wants to see the file, export the BLOB to a temporary folder and use the HYPERLINK command to open the file. You’ll only need to install Acrobat Reader for being able of reading those PDF files. Regards,