Viewing Payment Discounts Prior to Check Print

Does anyone know the most effective method to view all the payment discounts of a payment batch before printing the checks? I know I can look at the vendor details and see this on a vendor by vendor basis but this really isn’t the most efficient manner. Also I know that the check is shown at the discounted value, but I would like to compare this to the original invoice amount to make sure the calculation was done correctly.

OK…I think I stumbled on something. Under Object Designer, there is a report called “Payment Journal - Pre-Check Test”. I had to do some configuring, but this report looks like it will give me the information that I need regarding the payment amount and the related Payment Discount. I added this report to my documents under P&P and it gives me the information I need. If anyone knows of a better way, please let me know.

Are you using “Suggest Vendor Payments”.

Yes, the “Suggest Vendor Payments” process must be run in order to populate th Payments Journal. Only then will the data required for the Payment Journal - Pre-Check report be available.