View Trade Agreement

Hello to all,

I have to show the “Trade Agreement” of Sales and Purchase in a single button under Product information management–>common–>Released products in AX-2012.

For this i have added a new tab in that form with a new menu item button, but not able to remove filter for sales and purchase.So can any one guide me how to remove the filter and show the Trade agreement of both sales and purchase in a single Button for a particular item.

Thanks in advance…


Based on the menuItemName, the reselect method in \Forms\PriceDiscTable will add the filter,

for your requirement, create a new MenuItem (Exmaple: PriceDiscTable_SalesPurchAction)

Modify the reselect method in \Forms\PriceDiscTable as below.

Add the below case in the else part,

case menuitemDisplayStr(PriceDiscTable_SalesPurchAction): // this is your menuItemName

filter = this.buildViewAllAgreementFilter(ModuleSalesPurch::Sales);

filter = ‘(’+ filter + ‘||’ + this.buildViewAllAgreementFilter(ModuleSalesPurch::Purch) + ‘)’;


Thanks a lot Mr. Kranti, Let me try this.


Thankyou Mr Kranti,

Its really works.