view order execution time and date

How do I check/view order execution time or key in time on a particular date in NAVISION 2015

Hi Paulo,

Could you give a bit more information about what you need? What do you mean by execution time?

If you ask for a time of day the order should be “delivered”, then no. Or is it the actual time when it was posted?

HI Erik,

Wanted to see the actual time the order was posted or executed.

That information is not registered. You can only get the actual posting date (via G/L registers). Not the time.

That would be something you need your developer to help you with.

You might be able to use the Change Log facility to track Insert of a Sales Invoice Header record. That does record date and time but doesn’t appear (without a modification) to save the Order No. as one of the three Primary Key Field Values (at least in NAV 2013 R2). You can certainly use it as the basis of a report and Lookup to the info from the Sales Invoice Header table.

Small additioanl information - we have “Last Modified DateTime” in the GLEntry for NAV 2018. And maybe you have same for your version of NAV 2015?

It is not allow to define 100% time, but we can have “fast solution” without development.

Unfortunately that field does not exist in NAV 2015 - But it is an easy fix - One New field and one line of code. But as Erik suggestion the closes thing you can get without development is to look in the G/L Register table.

This table has date-field only, but you are right - it is 15-minutes "to fix’ (1 field and CU 80 or 90 update)

Once I suggested MS to put a “Created Time”-field into table 45:G/L Register. The suggestion disappeared (I guess) as the site was closed.

Now a new site has been created, at I made a new suggestion on that issue:

You may vote for it…

how can i do it

A better option would be to have a date time field. It’s aleady a datetime in the database. Then you don’t have to care so much about time zones.

Sorry for SPAM, but what can I do if I need to care so much about time zones.

E.g. we have 2 orders - 1 for US and 1 for EU… We have 1 field DateTime and order from both may come with same, but different time.

Erik, how do you advice to handle case like this?

Well as long as the time zone settings for the clients and server is correct, then the SQL Server will store data-time fields internally in the UTC zone.

So when you enter an order in the US at 9am EST, then the same datatime field will be seen as 15:00 CET. Internally as 14:00 UTC.


We have a simular request from a customer, that works in more than one time-zone. And the solutuion for this customer was a TIME-field to allways store and show the local time for an incident. Something concerning deadlines.

Which one is the more usable is this case, I don’t know.
But - as Erik mentions - a DATETIME is always stored as UTC, regaredless of time-zones and DST’s.

Needs customisation nothing out of the Box.