View / Edit GL Entries BEFORE posting of PO

In Nav 2009, Is it possible to view and / or edit GL accounts to which the PO lines will be posted BEFORE posting of the PO. Similar to “Test Report” menu item but in this case Journal entries screen should pop-up for viewing and / or edit of the G/L Accounts. (On the fly change, instead of going thru the posting groups and making changes there for one of scenerios)

Not Possible…

Why on earth would you even want this? To me it sounds like the common “But my old system did it this way”.

I can’t agree - it IS possible…

Just as Robert guessed - it IS possible to create “Test” report, that shows expected postings, although it’s not a 5 minute job.

Such reports repeat the logic of posting CU without actually posting anything. We have them for Documents (Sales & Purchases), as well as for most used Journals. But, as it is a copyrighted commercial product, I can’t share them freely.


We can do it in different ways like by using Single Instance codeunit etc etc…

but if we want to do same work twise for testing and posting then why do we need a system at all?


you maybe only read half the question.

The first part, a report or form that shows the results of GL postings and the nett effect to accounts, I have done a few times before for clients, in fact I first did it in the DOS version of Navision. It really isn’t that complex, even before we had temp tables. This is often needed for large companies that do inter company and multi currency closings and need to view the effects of adjustments with Auditors prior to posting.

The second part of the question though was to be able to then edit the accounts prior to posting. Without changing the posting groups. Now that is more complex, but more importantly it twists the whole concept of posting in Navision and should not be done.

David is right…

Seems I’ve got a bad diagonal-reading habit - it’s second time this week when I miss an important part in questions [:$]

DUG sits open in background, and I’m trying to check what’s up here new while some lengthy task is processed… Obviously, multitasking is for computers, not humans [:)]

Thanks everyone. Everyting said in this thread is valid. However, I am contemplating the solution as follow on the premise that customer comes first.

  1. Add a button which will go thru the PO / SO lines and get the link from the posting setups to generate a pop-up table like list form listing item / GL account no. / $ Amount. This should satisfy the customer’s requirement for visibility of which GL accounts will be hit before posting.

  2. To keep System integrity, above list form will be non-editable. (browsed thru CU90 & 80. Both are very complex as lots of various journal entries depending upon item type & value entries are being generated during the posting process.

Some work is required to get to point 1 above. Will appreciate your thoughts / comments / reservation on the above approach and / or solution for point one if it already exists.


Check out the BASE add-on, you find the function that you are looking for in BASE RTC, check addons for MS NAV.