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I’m looking for a solution to log any change on any object in Navision (4.03).
Per example, one of the aim of my search is to disable to developer to “code” the same object as the same time.

Any help will be appreciated ;-))


Although I not 100% understand your full question, then I think what you ask for is a tool where you can see all changes done to your database.

I will definitly recommend you Mergetool or Navision Development Toolkit. Mergetool is clearly my personal favorite, as it is rather easy to start to use, and you can also use it to create new versions (merging old, new and customized versions).

You can find the mergetool here: Dynamics NAV Mergetool version PM72

Thank for your answer.

I’ll give a look to this tool.

But it doesn’t seem to be for an “on-live” use… to detect if 2 people are working on the same object, does it?

You can do this directly from SQ, with a script that monitors changes to the object table.

I was thinking about it, but did you already use it for this kind of objective? does it slow the application down?