View Access to AOT object

Hi all,

How can we give view access permissions to all the AOT objects?

i.e. User can see all the AOT objects but cannot modify any of the object’s property.

First of all, is this achievable? Can anyone help me to solve this issue

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Hi ,

I think it’s possible by using security keys under the Administration > > .

I think it may be useful

Its not working…

I think its not possible to give just view access to AOT objects.


The previous suggestion should have worked. For instance, if you disable development security keys, then AOT and project button in tool bar would be disabled.

Can you tell us how you tried to set up this permission?

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Hi Harish,

If we disable development security keys then user will not be able to open AOT at all.

I want the user to be able to open AOT, but he shouldnt be able to change any of the properties.

Please let me know if it is possible to achieve…




There is no specific security key for AOT to provide access level(only for view level). As per my Knolwedge it’s not possible.(since it is for developer J)

If you want to get this feature, you need to work with kernel level classes(system classes). Then it may possible.(I mean through code it may possible).




You can use version control system.This provide check-in ,check-out features that restrict the developer to customize.

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions.

we can use VCS, is it preferred to enable VCS at production env?

another problem is that, if user has delete access to a table, he can open the table browser and delete records. So VCS cannot help my requirement.

I think the requirement of giving view access to AOT is not a valid one(I dont think the user needs these information) and mainly it is not possible to achive.

VCS is mainly used in development environment to develop an feature. As I know, No one uses the VCS at production environment. In simple way we can say why end user needs to view the AOT? So as per business scenario it is not a valid feature to show AOT to end user at production environment. I can’t say this feature (Providing view permission) is not possible to implement it may possible through code by hitting kernel classes. Please correct me if I am wrong J

very correct answer. there is no need to show AOT features to end user.

Even i have the same question but it is in AX2012.

is there any role or duty that restricts access to AX2012.

We have a code lockdown period for developers before implementation. However, we want the developers to be able to debug (and have view access to the AOT for this) but not actually modify the code (due to code lockdown).

So is this not possible?

We decided to disallow access to the CUP layer where we usually develop. The developers will go into the USR layer and will be able to debug/view/change the AOT objects in that layer, but we will delete that layer before moving to production.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

You could write your own AOT. I have created a new Form with a Tree Object and filled it with all AOT Objects.