View a PDF document inside the Dynamics NAV application

Hi all.

I wondered if anyone have succeeded in creating a viewier for a PDF document inside Dynamics 2009.
I figured that the new technology would enable us to create controls that could be used to do this.

Has anyone done this?

If so… how?

And how about doing the same in the classic client?

I am not interested in solutions where the application opens an external reader and similar.

What’s important here is to have the PDF visible, being able to zoom/grab/move the document around, while still having focus on the NAV application, since the PDF holds the data I want to enter. And I do not want to switch or ALT+TAB back and forth.

So something like an internal PDF-veiwer for Dynamics. Just thougt that the RTC would open up new possibilities.

Anyone? :slight_smile:

Kind regards

I don’t know about the classic client, but I could easily see this being done for the RTC. Of course as I say that I’m sure there is some weird piece of NAV that will prevent it [:D]

I would start by searching for a PDF viewer in .NET. You can then write your own NAV Wrapper class / add-in that uses the PDF viewer and displays it. I’ve done it with basic .NET Windows Form Parts, and a PDF Viewer should just be those same parts (to an extent).

Hi Matt

Thanks for the reply.

I found one here

I have tried searching for this but can’t really get a good (entry level) guide to doing this.


I’m also looking for a way to view(open) PDF’s inside Dynamics 2009 (c/side), so we can view PDF withous alt-tabing all the time, or work with 2 separte windows/monitors.

We are getting invoices and other documents by mail as PDF and faxserver(which can be stored as PDF) without printing/scanning.

Instead of printing them to book and or open PDF in separate application (adobe reader) we’d like to view PDF in window (like picture box).

To prevent database to grow too much PDF are stored on network share, so application should look for the PDF and open it within Nav.

Also this would be helpfull when looking at psted documents which are also stored as PDF. We scan all purh. invoices and create PDF from our invoices for archive purposes.

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