very strange problem

Please if somebody can help …

I am in form general journal for a table 81 .

I have an amount is sticked down in Total Balance . like 15000 …

Even if all the entries are closed … and even if you ask for Test report … all the entries are closed .

even if you delete all the entries … this amount will stay in Total Balance down …

What it can be …?

thank you

Hi Jouhayna,

I don’t experience the behavior You descripe. (NAV4.0 SP3 - SQL2005)

The value is calculated through a function-call done on the form it self (UpdateBalance).
The form calls another function inside a codeunit (GenJnlManagement.CalcBalance).
And the value is stored into a variable that is defined on the form (ID = 39)

So my best guess is that some modification done to Your system, have somehow made it impossible to calculate that value correctly.
(Or soneone disabled the function-call all together)

You could maybe activate the debugger, with breakpoint on triggers, and check if the function is called.
And if it is, check what calculations are actually made.

Hi Alexander ,

thanks for you help

Yes i have followed all the steps .

What ever done this value 15000 is sticked in the balance… something happen during the data entry i think which makes this problem… I am very curious to know it …

At the calcsum(BalanceLcy) in the calcbalance function … it consider it 15000…

I solve this problem by renaming the batch …this was my solution… after i was sure tha it let you post normally which means the balance is zero …

after the renaming of the batch the balance down returns to zero …

Really it was strange and very curious why the calcsum was not working properly … BUT it ends well by renaming the batch

Hmmm, weird.

But You solved it, that’s what counts.