Very slow initial start-up of Navision 2.6

Hi I hae a user who is running Navision on a Windows 2000 workstation, with the database sat on a Windows 2000 server. From the workstation using the desktop icon to access Navision takes 4-5 minutes, although once located, if you close it down and re-open it, it only takes 10-20 seconds, which means the problem only happens when they switch on their machine in the morning, open Navision and walk off to boil the kettle, any suggestions welcome! Steve

Steve, see if removing/renaming CPUMONI.EXE would help. It is located in the Navision client and Navision server directory. Alex

Also take a look at the cache setup on your server. When the Navision Server Service is iddle, i.e. no clients connected, it releases RAM back to the OS. Once you reconnect, Navision has to get this RAM back again, and it takes time. The topic has been discussed on NOLUG, so if you do a search, then you should find plenty of help. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@home.com___________

Alex and David Thank you for your responses, I evebntually got around to doing this yesterday and the speed is now at 10 seconds. It was a caching issue, but thanks to both of you. Steve