Very slow connection

Hello there, hope you experienced people have a hint for me because I could not find anything addressing my problem in here until now … After the installation of N4.0 with a local native database on my client I wanted to go a step further and try to work in a MS SQL-Server environment. I found a quite new PC in the department with an installed Windows 2000 Server and a SQL-Server 2000 which has nothing to do. (2.8 GHz, 512 MB). At first I installed MDAC 2.8 (loaded from MS) on my PC to receive SQL ODBC V2000.85.1022. Then I connected to the server and created a new database via File>Database>New. After that I imported a Backup of the Demo Database I have made from the local Demo Database. From now on I could open the datase, open CRONUS and work in the SQL-Server Environment. But … the performance is horrible. I don’t talk about 2 or 3 seconds instead of 0,5 seconds or so. I talk about e.g.: Clicking in the menu on Sales >> Ordering processing >> Invoice: 15 seconds to open the dialogue In the invoice dialogue: F3 to clear TAB to leave No. Field to get a new invoice No. This needs 20 seconds Input of No. 10000 for the Sell-to-Customer-No needs 10 Seconds after leaving the field to get the Customer data and so on … Does someone has ever seen this effect ? What did I (a newbie …) did wrong ? The LAN is not involved in this issue. When I contact the SQL-Server with the Enterprise Manager and list a table, I receive the data at once ! Any hint ?? Thanks in advance ! Andree

just some ideas you may want to try look at: Check the Path where the database is stored. Make sure that the pathname given is local and not the network path (UNC). Try running a Database optimization- File > Database > Information > Click the Tables tab > Optimize