Vertical Lookup in Excel

Hi All, A question to you all. From the Customer List (Customer Card, F5) I copy the Customer Numbers and paste them into Excel, then when I want to use the function vertical lookup on the paste values, I get the sign #N/B. Which means that something is wrong. When I type in the Customer No. by hand everything works. Anybody has an idear to fix this? Thanks in advance.

If the column containing the customer-numbers does not have the same format as the “search-cell”, Excel comes up with such an error…

Stupid question maybe, but how can I check those formats? Sven

English/US version: mark cell(s)/column; select “Format/Cells…” or right-click+!Format cells…"

I looked at the Format, but I can’t seem to find out what the problem is. I have asked Navision the Netherlands if the know what seems to be the problem, if I get an answer, I’ll make sure to share with you all.