Version of c/ODBC 2.60

Hello I am trying to connect navision financials to Cognos software using c/ODBC version 2.6. Does anyone know for which ODBC-version this is compliant with (I need ODBC 2.5 at least). So i do not need the softwareversion (i.e. 2.6) but the version of the ODBC-level Thanks Jack[:)]

each navision release usually comes with it’s own c/odbc version, and you need to install the appropiate for the version you’re on (example: navision 2.1 does not work with odbc from version 2.6 and navision 2.6 does not work with odbc from version 2.1). So just install the Navision 2.6 version if you’re using Navision 2.6 if you’re using a different version… check on the installation CD. :slight_smile: Regards