Version Number

Hello, Can any body help me in figuring out the problem of (The server and the client do not have the same version number). This problem occurs when connecting Navision client to Navision Server running on the Port.Even though both the client and the Server have the same version number,but still the problem persists. I try to reinstall the Client and the Server,but still the problem persists. Regards, Vinod

You may think that you have the same version, but really you don’t. You need to resolve this.

how can i find the latest version,is it from the registry…??

Help → About ? Control Panel → Add/Remove Programs ? fin.exe → File Properties → Version ?

Try to compare version of Client’s fin.exe file and Server’s server.exe file. Major version must be the same (not build). Also check the version of the db you are using. Do you have Navision servers running with different versions on the same server?

Yeah,I have several Database running on different ports on the same server.But all of them are on Navision 3.60 Server… Yeah,I did get the patch for the Fin.exe. Thank you guys…