Version mismatch

Hello all AX Users,

The problem is that i have installed all the three hotfixes like RU7,SP1 and GLS for the installation of AX 2009

but still the kernel Version and Application Version are not matching .

Please can anyone provide me the immediate solution for this problem.

It’s also important what components were upgraded. This looks like you upgraded the application but not the client components (or vice versa). Please post your version numbers if you’re still unable to solve the problem.

Actually i was doing this as i am having an error as follows

"cannot edit a record in purchase orders purchtable .the record has never been selected "

So i thought this updating must provide a solution but it also failed…

So if you have a solution for the above problem ,please do reply me.


The above error you mentioned has nothing to do with Version mismatch. Obviously you were trying to update a record; but the record was not selected in the first case.

Could you post your code?