Version List - how to analyse in code?

Hi All, Does anyone know if it’s possible to “read” the version list in the object designer. I would like to run some type of filter to see my highest version number of my modifications to objects. (Just a quick way to tell the clients latest object change when using remote support etc). I was hoping to use the “AllObj” record, but it only has Object Type, ID and Name.[:(] Thanks Nic

The Object table is no. 2000000001 You can read this table in a report or codeunit. You need to write some code to determine the highest version no. There is a version management tool avaliable at but I don’t know if they are still selling it.

Aaah, Thanks Mark, I knew it must be something obvious, sometimes one spends too much time inventing some complicated method when the answer was right there all along. This suites perfectly what I need (after coding :slight_smile: Nic