Version Control of Customizations

Hi All,

I just want to know whether it is possible to have version control of customizations.

For eg say,

If I had made some changes in my project yesterday. And, today also am adding or editing classes or anything in the project.

Can I go back to yesterday’s work…? or day before yesterday’s work…?

If this is possible, where can I find the setup page for this functionality…?

Please let me know about this…


Hi Jayanthi,

Answer is yes. Roll back is one of fundamental principles of version control. More info on version control in DAX 2009 are here -


Hi Harish…

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll check and come back for further clarification…

Hi Harish,

I’m getting error stating Visual sourceSafe client is not installed properly.

This happened when i tried to create the repository folder. Please tell me what should i do to enable VCS?

To enable version control, from the Microsoft Dynamics AX menu, click Tools, point to Development tools, point to Version control, point to Setup, point to Parameters, and then select enable in the Source control status box.Select Morphxvsc and try…