Version 5 and SQL 2005 problem


We have setup a database on SQL Server 2005 and have restored the objects and companies into the database. We can log-in as SA however when we try to use Windows Logins we get the follwoing error message:-

A ‘S’ was expected here.

It is the same if we try to snychronise the log-ins.

Has anybody come across this before or have any solutions to this problems.

We have also had problems on one of our other servers where the server names suddenly appears bizarre characters with zero’s replaced with the “half” symbol - and also code fields suddenly having lower case characters in them which prevents us from logging in to the database. If anyone has seen this before then please let me know.

Okay so we’ve sorted it. The Windows Access Control table was a bit messy. There were a lot of records in there without a SID so it was stopping everyone from logging in. It must be coded to expect an S at the first part of the SID so it was just dumping us out of the system…

Right… onwards and upwards…