Version 5.00

I will be trying to do a client upgrade to version 5.00 on a version 4.3 database. Does anybody know if there will be any issues with this?


Andrew Lees

It will also be good if people that are runnign 5.00 executables with NO probelms could also comment.

yes there ara a couple of issues. Here is one

If you have protected tables from some addon and they are not on you license you won’t be able to upgrade. can’t find the link on mibuso.

Test it in you dev environment. Make sure you write a dataport to load all the tables date and time and modified flag back after the exe upgrade.

Do you mean even id they don’t have any data in them? If so then that is a major issue.

5.0 modifies all the tables in navision, and if your license does not allow you to modify a table, you can’t upgrade with an exe. One work around was to do a backup and restore.

For people who have 150 gig db, that’s not an option.

And here is another :

Guys I think you are adding confussion here. So far you have listed 4 issues, (Ahmed 3 Alain 1), but when I look at your links, it looks like all this is just ONE issue reworded 4 times. [:D]

OK, so to summarize:

the only issue so far is that when you connect to a 4.00 SP3 or lower database if 5.00 executables. The exe runs through all tables, and sets the Clustered flag to YES. If the license does not have access to any table, then an error message is generated. If it does have permission, then it modifies the flag to yes, and (as you would logically expect) updates the appropriate status on the object as MODFIED Date and Time modified to todays date and time.

There are currently only two workarounds :

1/ Use a full develooper license to convert (which takes about 30-60 seconds).


2/ Use the backup/restore method to convert the database.

Thanks for the input, Does that correctly summarize it?

  1. a developer license that has modify permissions to all objects (also the add-ons), otherwise the upgrade process is blocked.

Can you use a killer object to delete those tables and then reimport them after conversion?

[:$] Why didn’t I think of this before?

[+o(] (after some headbanging with the door)

[^o)] or maybe I dropped the possibility immediately because too much data and too few time to convert it.

[:’(] And now I can’t test it anymore because I don’t have the server anymore.

I just thought of another option that should work.

Just go into SQL and set the version to 5.00. then when you connect, it will already be 5.00 so it wont force the change. Since the backup/restore does not force the object change, it should work OK.

OK, I tried this out, and it seems to work fine. Alain, sorry its maybe too late to help you, but lets hope it will help others out there.

Check this thread.