Version 4 with NT Workstations

I know that NT is not supported, and i really do not want to go ahead with this. But… Is it possible to have Version 4 running with NT 4 Workstation. I am in a situation where i have to prove this doesn’t work rather than a client taking on advice. Has anyone tried this before and can 100% say this does not work. Or can it be done (Lets hope not). Thought i’d ask the question before a have to set up a new machine to prove/disprove a theory. Cheers guys

There was a thread on this last week. I think its going to be pretty impossible to get them to believe you. Just setup the computer and show them. remember that some things will work, you can probably get it working of sorts, but you will have problems. In the end though try math. A new XP computer will cost about $350-$400, so tell them it will take 2-3 hours to install Nav 4 on each machine, plus at least 8 hours of research, so they can see its just cheaper to buy new hardware. The other option is to tell them that you researched, and found a solution by installing Citrix, design a 20 user ctrix server at $15,000 and again they can see that its just cheaper to buy new machines. Don’t you hate it when you want to save clients money, and they just want to waste it [V]