Version 4 MAIL Codeunit not working

I have a problem in that when a user is trying to send an email (e.g. via the email button on the Customer Card) nothing happens. They are running on version 4 SP1 with Office 2003.

I have debugged the code and it is going through the Mail codeunit with no errors but it is not bringing up the email window for the user to enter anything. If I follow it very closely I see an Outlook window flicker up in the task bar and immediately dissappear.

I have tried commenting out the last line of the NewMessage function as below:

OSendMail.OpenDialog := OpenDialog;

MailSent := OSendMail.Send;
ErrorNo := OSendMail.ErrorStatus;

This gives the same outward behaviour but when I look in the Task Manager I can see a process called OUTLOOK.EXE that is still running.

Is it bad manners to reference another forum site? I just found this:

Disabling Fax Services worked for me thankfully (trying to get fixes out of Microsoft is a bit slow these days [;)] )