Verify password

Hi all, I need to create a form in which the user inserts his username and his password in order to approve a document. The user and the password must be equal to the user login and to the password in the database. I cannot do it! I created a form with 2 textbox: the first linked to a variable containing the userid, the other, with the property PasswordText set to Yes, linked to a string containing the password. On a command button I wrote the code: User.GET(IDUser); IF User.Password <> PassTxt THEN ERROR(‘The password is incorrect.’); The problem is that the variable PassTxt is not cripted, so for the system the password is always incorrect. But how can I cript my string variable in order to do my control? I also tried with a form based on the User table and checking Rec.Password and xRec.Password, but it does not work properly… Thanks Marco

Create a temporary user record and compare the password to the existing one. That should do it //Lars

No, it does not work. If you use a temporary table it does not cript the password… :frowning:

The don’t use a temprary tabele but skip the insert //Lars

You will find a solution here: Product Manager