Vendor to help with replicating MS Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 using MS SQL


Our e-commerce site is directly integrated to our ERP (Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 using MS SQL DB), and because of this performance on the site is sometimes very slow. In addition, credit card authorization, which goes through NAV, also take a long time or even times out because NAV is the central source for ALL data for the site. NAV is the source for everything from getting product information (Item card) for a user online, registering users (customer card), and creating orders (sales order). Today we are getting 12,000 page views a day on our site, and each time NAV has to be called to get the product information (information and inventory count). See Figure 1 for current setup on diagram.

Possible solution:

We were thinking of using a replicated NAV SQL database to alleviate majority of the traffic from the main db. The website would pull all its information from the replicated (read-only) db, and any user checking out would go through the original path and getting authorization through NAV. Since 95% of our traffic is viewing and browsing for products online, we believe this should reduce the traffic to the main NAV db significantly.

The master db is where our staff will be working and all sales order coming from the site would be created here. When the master db is updated or modified, it should automatically update the slave.

  1. Can you recommend a vendor or expert that can help us verify the replication worked and then set up the synchronization settings?

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Hi Tarak,

We can help, please send me a PM (Private Message) to discuss it further.