vendor table

hi all

i have created a flow field in the vendor table in which i would be needing the balance of the invoices with on hold column having a value of '‘Y’ from the vendor ledger entry table. below written is the calcformula

Sum(“Vendor Ledger Entry”.“Remaining Amt. (LCY)” WHERE (Vendor No.=FIELD(No.),On Hold=FILTER(<>’’)))

but i am getting the below shown error


please help me.

I guess field you try to sum is a flowfield itself.

Probably you should sum fields from table Detailed Vendor Ledg. Entry.

I am guessing from nav v.4 perspective.

thank you so much it worked…
can you also please help me with one more thing…

i have taken this field to bank payment voucher, now in the bank payment voucher i also have a field of the vendor balance.

i want a validation that the amount of payment should not be greater than (“Vendor Balance”-“Blocked Balance”).

can you please help me with this?

And wertis has the correct trademark – while Microsoft got it wrong in the error message: It’s called a FlowField in one word (just like a FlowFilter) :-)))