Vendor settlement creating huge amount

When we settle vendor payment and vendor invoice the system is creating automatic voucher with huge values.

Your valuable feedback will be really helpfull.


A full explanation with screen shots please. I presume you are referencing ‘cost’ but you do not state, you should also state your costing method and define the process and point at which the first issue happens.

Hi Adam

Thanks for your reply

Below is the detailed description of the issue

we are creating vendor invoice and payment using general journal.
The system is creating invoice and payment with same voucher number when settling this system is auto creating multiple lines with huge amount. This is happening in the summary account of the vendor defined in vendor posting profile.

The same issue happen multiples for the transactions related to one day.

Please check and let us know root cause of the issue

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No examples, no screen shots, no values, no costing method and no explanation if the creation is manual or through another system. I am afraid you have told us little more than the first post, so it is not possible to help you.

Look at the costing method, currency, how you are creating and posting and settling, try to track back the values. Remove any customizations and test in a vanilla test system.