Vendor return material

Hi All,

User created purchase orders for same vendor like PO1 , PO2 , PO3 ,PO4 and received the materials also , after quality inspection acknowledged that some material does not meet the quality standards and client decided to return the materials to vendor .

Client asks that there should be provision to capture the enter the purchase order number also in the purchase return order while returning rejected material to vendor in AX 2012 R3 .

What is the functionality availability ?

There are a couple of things here, firstly the customer may not care, they just want to return it, however the supplier will probably care and therefore insist on a process. On the purchase return order you have the RMA number, so this is the number you can give to your supplier, which maybe a different number or could be the original PO. There is also on the header the supplier reference field, which again could be the original PO. If you are using batch and serial there is your ultimate traceability, but it really depends upon timing and whether it matters if it came from PO1, or PO4.