Vendor Payment - LedgerJournalTrans -> Vendor Invoice


I am creating a new vendor payment method using the vendoutpaym and vendoutpaymrecord parent classes to generate a csv file to be uploaded to a bank. One of the requirements is the vendor invoice number. I know how to link the the ledgerjournaltrans to the vendtrans table after the journal has been posted by using ljt.vendtransid → vt.recid → vt.offsetrecid → vt2.recid. However from my understanding is that they will be generating these payment files before the journal are posted.

Anyone know how to link the ledgerjournaltrans to the vendor invoice number before posting?

The relation you are using will give the vendTrans related to that current journal. You need to use the vendTrans related to the invoices that already exists.
Look at \Classes\VendOutPaymRecord\getInvoiceRecord