Vendor open transaction.

Hi All,

i have already runned the year ended process by putting the period status to stopped for the year 2011, and now i want to update one vendor open transaction with the settled date 31-12-2011, but i am getting the below error message.

Transaction date is in a previous period, and opening transactions are created for current year.

kindly advice.

Open the module within the period and then post it. You have told it to stop transactions so it is, it is not really an error message it is a control mechanism, the thought being you have already declared these periods, so irrelevant of system they are financially closed as they are reconcilled and declared.

I agree with Adam and one morething, Once after posting this new entry you may need to run the closing again…to make the posted transaction included into “opening tansactions’ balance”

Thanks Adam & Santosh,

one thing i have missed out to mention is, i have already changed the status of the periods to Open, and it was posted succesfully.