Vendor not apprearing in planned orders AX4.0

I am not getting the vendor in the Planned proporsal .

I have already defined the trade agreement

and Selected the rule for vendor selection in MAster planning parameter (planned orders tab )as (minimun lead time one time & other time as minimumn price…also tried after ON / Off “find trade agreement”

What rule do you want it to obey? If you define a default vendor it appears, then you have to remove it to get TA’s to work, but you also need to look at item coverage settings and the impact here.

I have tryin with / without default vendor in item master still syetm does not select the vendor based on the Min cost from the Trade agreement list .

What setting (item coverage / other) can cause this problem ??

First you must NOT have a default vendor, then you set the supplier trade agreement, create one and then configure master planning to look at trade agreements - get one to come in first. As it is two versions ago there could easily be problems with this as well, my memory does not go that far back I am afraid.