Vendor List

hi Every One

i am New NAV so My Problem is How To Select Only one Vendor In Vendor List .Suppose The User Select one More Vendors

How To put Validations please Try This

Ex : in i have To Create Indent To Order. in Indent Document Form i have to Show List of Vendors when Select one More Vendor To Show The Validations

Hi Siva,

this request does not make any sense to me.

You cannot prevent the user from marking several lines. Where exactly is the problem with marking more than one?

What does “I have to create Indent to Order” mean? What are “Validations to Show” ?

Hi Siva,

Its not clear what exactly u want…

Whether u want the vendor list to show limited vendors on basis of some validation or there is something else u want…

Look into the SETSELECTIONFILTER and COUNT commands. The first will filter a record set down to the ones selected, and the other one will tell you how many are selected. If it’s more than one than you have a problem in your situation.