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Hi , My problem is like this : In the Vendor Card,After Entering the No., user will enter the Name,when the user come out of the Name field then system has to show the Vendor List starting with the First 4 Characters of the Entered Name. Upto this No Problem. When the Vendor List comes then user will manually check the List whether the Vendor he wants to create is existing or not,if the vendor is existing then user wants the system to delete that newly created vendor.and also if the user clicks any record on the Vendor List system has to show the record in the Vendor Card. Any suggestions how to proceed … Thanks Mohan

Eah…If you really want this instead of train the user to first check the vendor list… I think it sounds a bit messy to always create a new vendor and then after the Name is assigned sometimes delete it and sometimes keep it. The No. Series will be messed up, adding and deleteing records… Is it not better to first try to find out what is the Name for this “new vendor” and is it really a new one? If so you first have to Override the F3 function(New) in the Vendor Card. Do that By Creating a Menu Item and Assign F3 to it, Also set the propery of the Vendor Card InsertAllowed = No. Then from that menu Item call a new form that will prompt the user to key in the Name of the “New Vendor”. Now you can check the Name, Prompt the user for the matching ones or do whatever you would like. There is some coding to be done and also you have to use parameters to pass back to the Vendor Card and stuff like that… But If you try this way you don’t messup the standard tabels and forms so much. Best regards/Med vänlig hälsning/Kveðja/Med venlig hilsen/Mit freundlichen Grüssen Johan Emilsson

I think it’s bad idea to prevent user enter more than one card per vendor or customer. In some cases you MUST to have 2,3… cards per vendor/customer. But… 1. Create form’s global variable “VendorName” 2. Verify vendor 3. Save Name in VendorName 4. Delete current record 5. Find existing vendor’s “No.” (ExistingVendNo) 6. Make Rec.GET(ExistingVendNo) Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia

I have not yet come across any case where you MUST have 2,3 cards per Vendor or Customer …it sounds intresting, Unless you mean the “Bill- to” functionallity… Any example to share? Best regards/Med vänlig hälsning/Kveðja/Med venlig hilsen/Mit freundlichen Grüssen Johan Emilsson

Hi Johan, Thanks for your reply,and it works fine.Once again Thanks Mohan