Vendor ledger report

I do not know if in later version of NAVision (4 and above) if this problem which is detailed below is solved?

I have a foreign vendor whose invoice I received on 30th Dec 06 (1000$ = 752 Euro). The G/L and Vendor ledger reflects 752 Euro (LCY)

On 10th Jan 07, I paid back the 1000$ =754 Euro without apply. The G/L and Vendor ledger reflects -2 (752-754).

On 12th Jan 07, I apply the payments. The G/L is now zero as the -2 has gone in exchange variation. However in Vendor ledger, the LCY is adjusted on 30th Dec 06 as 754.

The issue:

a) If we take a report end of 12th Jan 07, the G/L and Vendor ledger matches (0).

b) If we take the report as of 30th Dec 06 on 12th Jan07, the G/L and Vendor ledger does not match, as G/L shows 752(LCY) and Vendor ledger shows (754).

I have seen in some new version navision manual, in order to solve this issue, they create a new journal line in vendor ledger and put the difference in LCY on the apply date. This way the g/l and vendor ledger matches. There is also an AssistButton on vendor ledger LCY, which on clicking shows 30th Dec 06 amount -752 and 12th Jan 07 amount -2.



Well this doesn’t sound as much of a problem to me. So I would like to know what you expected the system to do?

Also I would like to know what version of Navision you are running today. I think it’s not quite sure in your question.

The problem comes when we show to the auditors our accounts. The G/L and the subledger does not match.

We are using Navision 3.7. We have done some customised modifications. Will it be easier to move to higher version and the higher version takes in all the modifications along.



In the General Journal form under Functions I see a Insert Conv. LCY Rndg. Lines which does the trick (needs setup in Currency table).

Is that an Italian only thing? [:^)]