Vendor Ledger Entries Still Open

Hello all,

I’ve recently run accross an issue with applying vendor ledger entries. A serires of entries were applied to a payment and the total amounts of each entry matched to the amount of the payment. However, when I look at the applied vendor entries two of the ledger entries do not show and still show as open. I searched the forums but cant seem to find anything helpful for this situation. We are using NAV 4.0 sp2. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m not too terribly familiar with this function. Thanks in advance.

Is there a balance on the account, or do the two transactions equal zero?

There is still a balance on the account. It’s actually a very large account with a very large balance.

Sorry but you presumably have a couple of payments with remaining amounts that are open, some invoices that are open and make up the large balance, and you are trying to apply the payments to an outstanding invoice?

Go to the vendor ledger entries, select functions and apply entries, this should list all the open entries.

Find the payment line that is open, set application and set applying entry - this will put the payment in the header.

Go to the line where the invoice is it applies to, set application and set applies to ID. Then select application and post aplication, this will post the payment and leave anything outstanding as open against the purchase order.

I do not know if the problem we faced is similar to the one you have. If we had multiple invoices and we applied to a payment, we noticed that the payments are set off on a 1st come 1st basis i.e we are not able to apply partially. So thus if you have invoice 1 -100$, invoice 2- 250$ Invoice 3-300$ and you applied a payment of 200$, the system sometimes adjusts against one of them fully and balance in the next. So a situation is possible that you expected invoice 1,2,3 to be adjusted but whole amount was applied to 1 and 2 only. Check once again the applied entries and which one you wanted to apply.