Vendor Invoice workflow

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In Accounts Payable - > Setup - > Accounts Payable workflows , two types of workflows available .

a) Vendor invoice workflow

b) vendor invoice line workflow

c) Vendor invoice journal workflow

I am clear about the option C . but not clear about the option a , b .

Already we the purchase order workflow in the Procurement and sourcing , then what is the use of the vendor invoice workflow and how it differes with purchase order workflow.

Please share your experience.

Vendor Invoice workflow - Purchase Invoice can be submitted to the workflow where the approver can approve it and can be automatically posted after it gets approved

Vendor invoice line workflow - same as above but approval takes place per each line on the Purchase Invoice.

Try this: configure vendor Invoice workflow by assigning yourself as approver. PO>Invoice> on the screen you will get workflow submit button.

Once submitted, you can approve it by going to “Vendor Invoices assigned to me” form under AP>common forms> Vendor Invoices

Thank you santosh ,

I am clear about the options

but What is the difference between PO workflow and Vendor invoice work flow ?

PO workflow is to establish the approval mechanism for Purchase orders to proceed with the confirmation.

as explained in previous post, Vendor invoice workflow is to establish the approval mechanism for invoices to have them posted in the system.