Vendor invoice workflow AX2012R2

Hello all,

I created a simple vendor invoice workflow in AX2012R2

When the match variance = ok than the created vendor invoice will be post automatically, else it must be reviewed etc.

I tested this, the automatic posting works perfect when creating a new vendor invoice from the vendor invoice list page.
When I match the invoice from this list page with the PO, the invoice will be posted automatically after submitting the worklfow when the VendorInvoice meets the condition I put in the workflow.

But when I first register the invoice and match the registered invoice in the approval joural and than submit the workflow, I get the error:

" The Post vendor invoices automated task does not work with vendor invoices that are in an approval journal. Post approval journals manually"

But when I return to my approval journal and try to post the pending invoice I get the following message:

“Vendor invoice … cannot be posted until the review process has been completed. Submit the vendor invoice for review or wait until the current review process is complete.”

Question: Is it possible to use workflow (with automatic posting) in combination with the invoice approval journal?

I ask this question for the following reason:
We first want to register the invoice instead of creating vendor invoices direct from the list page because our company wants to post all our obligations and salestax receivables in ledger including the unmatched invoices.
When creating vendor invoices direct form the list page and we are not able to match that invoice, the invoice is pending and there is no voucher.

Post vendor invoices automatically. This task can be used with other tasks, but should be the last task element in the workflow configuration. If a review or approval process is used, that process should occur before this automated task. For an example of how the Post vendor invoices automatic task is used, see Workflow with a conditional decision.

This automated task does not work with vendor invoices that are from an approval journal. Post approval journals manually.