Vendor invoice: transaction does not balance

I have issues with posting vendor invoices in AX
,it throws this error message"transaction does not balance as per …",it creates a posting type Exchange rate gain or loss in the subledger.This prevents me from posting,I need your response urgently
Thank you

You won’t expected to get answer unless you share more details…

For instance i raise a PO when the exchange rate is ‘190’ ,the PO is is then confirmed and encumbered.If at the point of invoicing,the exchange rate has been changed to ‘280’,on the sub ledger ,it creates a posting type called exchange rate gain/loss and this prevents me from posting the then throws the error message’the transaction on voucher does not balance as per…’

What’s the issue? Why you are not able to specify the whole error message or screen shots.? you don’t have enough space to write down…

The transactions on voucher do not balance as per 21/07/2016. (accounting currency: 0.00 - reporting currency: 529,007.35)