Vendor invoice accounting with tax


In vendor invoice - at the time of check the calculation - in total value including tax amount displayed (base price * quantity + misc charges + tax), but when i post the vendor invoice, tax part only not posted. give me the solution for this

Advance thank


Hi there, If I understand you correct, go to General Ledger → Setup → Parameters → Taxes tab, check Invoice and payments setting.


Are you loading the tax on inventory? can you explain how the posting were happened? To which accounts and the amounts posted???

the same case happen with me, to explain this case :

1- posting from purchase order.

2- the system calculate tax amount correctly, but without effects on tax account

3- the financial effects Dr. Inventory account - net of tax

Cr. AP vendor account - net of tax

Please advise,


Go to GL parameter, taxes tab. Check for the calculation method. It should be Line instead of Total.