Vendor entry statistics or/and customer entry stat

Hi all! Can someone explain me what is the meaning of this field in navision 3.6: February … located on Vendor entry statistics screen (under vendor card.) Same for date field Thanks RF

If you are looking at the standard CRONUS demo database, then I can explain. The Accounting Periods data in that database ends in February 2002. The routine that looks up the name of the current month for the Statistics report uses the Accounting Periods table. If you have the work date set to some date later than Februrary 2002, the lookup “runs off the end” of the Accounting Period table and thus uses the name of the last month in the table, i.e. February. If you add a couple of years to the Accounting Period table (General Ledger, Setup, Accounting Periods, Create Year button, you will get a display in the Customer and Vendor Statistics forms that makes sense. Hope I guessed correctly at your problem. If so I’m [8D], otherwise I’m [:o)] and [B)]