Vendor Dues for any Day

We wish to see vendor dues at any given day. One form should show the total dues and we should be able to see the details for the amount dues in a drop down list and if we wish to UN check certain invoices i should be able to do that.

Example for a Vendor:

Total Due = $100000

The drop down should give me details invoice wise. Where the payment clerk should be able to un-check certain invoices, if we decide to pay $80000.

Please advice the best possible way to handle such requirement.



Well your explanation isn’t very clear. It almost sounds like this is how your old system used to work. And now you want nav to work the same way instead of learning the new system.

You can easily go to a payment journal, enter the vendor number. Go to apply entries, this will show all open transactions for that vendor. You can then f9 on the transactions you want to pay.

Does that help?

Also by “dues” are you referring to the vendors " balance"? If so it’s on the vendor card. By drilling into the balance field you can also see all entries

Hi Savatage,

The solution you have suggested is for looking at a vendor. Meaning i have to go vendor by vendor.

What i am looking for is… i should be able to get a list of outstanding payments. Say i have 150000 cash allocated. Then i should be able to check/check which invoices to pay.

Please suggest the best possible way.



Have you tried “Suggest Vendor Payments” function in Payment Journal and / or “Aged Accounts Payable Report”.

Hi Robert

This worked for me…