Vendor contracts & Customer contracts


Can anyone tell me something about standard contracts in Navsion. I know that there exists a function dealing with service contracts. But what about standard customer and vendor contracts like contract of purchase and contract of sale.
I want to create a contract wich is dealing about the selling and purchasing of goods for a speceific vendor or customer and wich contains all the details this kind of contract brings along.
And if Navision supports such contracts, is it possible to create quotes which i then turn into a contract.

I appreciate any kind of help! tnx!




I am afraid this functionality does not exist as standard. You can define prices by period, but holding the full details of a negotiated contract is not in Navision, apart from the Service perspective.

Although as Steven says there is no functionality to do exactly what you want, have your NSC/Partner show you blanket orders and/or Jobs Budgets. I think that one of those they can modify fairly simply to do a lot of what you are after.

Clearly my new years resolution should be to be more helpful suggesting mods [:D]

Noooo, you are doign it the right way. Mods are defintely a last resort. I would expect that the NSC would go through adn presennt Jobs and Blanket orders as the base systme and then add some automation reports and forms to then solve the cleints issues.

My comments were more just to show the user that this is not a dead enad, and a solution can always be found.

Okay my New Years resolution should not be to imply a dead end with a posting if I do not feel one exists.

Then suggest an outrageously expensive an unnecessary modification?? [:D]