Vendor categories


Just looking for ideas for ways to categorise our vendors, as part of vendor / supply chain management. We are running Nav 4.0 SP1 atm and should be upgrading to 2009 later this year, but don’t have the Supply Chain Management add-on (which is why I didn’t post this in that forum). What have other companies used for this task?

If an example is needed, I want to be able to record that vendor Shell is a fuel and lubricants supplier while Castrol is just lubricants. The ability to add a number of categories to a vendor would be good - five would be the absolute maximum I think.

I am thinking a couple of look-ups from the vendor card to a table, but is there a better idea? Dimensions perhaps??

Many thanks


Dims would not do - as you can’t attach one Dim twice - say, VendType=FUEL and another entry VendType=LUBR.

Do you use Item Categories & Product Groups in your company? Navision has such feature as Item Vendors, but you actually need ItemCategoryVendors, this can be achieved by a modification.

Discuss with your Partner how to better solve this, and, if you plan to upgrade, this could be added during upgrade process rather than now in current version.